This course will not “fix” you because you are NOT broken. 

So instead of “solving your problems” or making over-hyped promises, I want to invite you into a journey of reconnection.

Because when you reconnect to your body and yourself, you can stand firm in the awareness that you are loved, accepted, and whole just as you are.

So what blocks you from feeling that right now in this moment? 

Disconnection and dissociation from your body. 

Dissociation is reinforced over and over and over through cultural messaging and intersecting systems of oppression (we go VERY deep into all of this in module 2). 

Eventually, we internalize these harmful messages so deeply we don’t even realize we are dissociated. 

We become numb. Numb becomes “normal.”

So we fight against our body. We blame it. We hate it. We abuse it.

And all the while... 

...this same body holds the key to unwinding the knots of our trauma.

No person or therapist or guru can make you whole. 

Only YOUR body can guide you through the darkness of pain, anxiety, loneliness and confusion….

...into wholeness, aliveness, and embodiment. 

This course exists to reintroduce you to the brilliant, loving intelligence of your beautiful body.

All trauma, including religious trauma, dissociates us from our body.

As a result, we forget how to speak our true mother tongue: the language of our body. 

We lose the ability to hear our most valuable and important information on how to heal, how to relate, how to exist in the world as a fully embodied human.

Trauma keeps us from feeling truly alive.

The truth is that most facilitators and practices treat your body as an “it.” There’s an assumption that your body is a kind of glorified machine that “you” live inside. 

This is a tragedy.

It cuts you off from a crucial source of information for your healing. Your body knows how to heal. Your body knows what you need to feel balanced, grounded, healthy, and whole. 

But if you cannot hear what they’re telling you…

You end up searching for other people’s ideas about what your body needs. (And this rarely works as well as we want it to).

The solution is a simple but profound shift: discovering that your body is a person. 

Relating to your body as a living, breathing, intelligent being transforms the way you experience the world. 

This is the culmination of my entire life’s work. Conversations with more than 400 brave individuals confronting their own trauma. 

6000+ hours of 1:1 client work and years of personal work. 

I promise you, if you honestly explore this perspective you will find you already know this. You already know this deep in your bones. You’ve just been conditioned out of it. 

The solution isn’t “fixing” something. It’s reconnecting with someone. 

It’s learning how to listen and commune with your body in a process I created called “Personified Embodiment”.

The structure of this course is intentional. Each module slowly builds on the one before. 

This gradually develops a language and a skillset for you to relearn how to connect to your body in a healthy, compassionate, relational way. 

You can think of it like relationship coaching, only focused on the relationship between you and your body.

I promise, once we get the conversation started, you two will have a lot to talk about. 😉

  • Module 1: Welcome

    With any journey, it’s helpful to know where you’re starting. In this first module we start with right where you are. 

    -How to show up for yourself and get the most from this course, even if you feel overwhelmed, confused, or uncertain.

    -Why an honest look at your “relationship history” with your body is the first, most important step of this process.

    -Feeling triggered? You’ll get a special grounding and centering exercise to help you stay present and calm through emotionally challenging conversations and exercises.

  • Module 2: Self-Hostility

    Now we move from personal history to the wider cultural context of trauma. We will explore direct and systemic trauma, and the intersecting oppressive systems that create them both: capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, authoritarian religion, ableism, and fatphobic diet culture.

    -How the unspoken connections between personal and systematic trauma perpetuate violence and how you can break this cycle.

    -The truth about where body disconnection, dissociation, hostility and neglect originates.

    -Why embodiment work is just as much about personal healing as it is about collective justice.

    -How these systems have taught us to hate, neglect, and disconnect from our bodies and how we project this onto other people's bodies, too.

  • Module 3: Paradigm Shift

    Once we understand the context of our trauma, we can begin to unravel and release it through a profound paradigm shift in the way we relate to our bodies.

    -How and why Personified Embodiment transforms the way you relate to sex, intimacy, health, and life.

    -The 4 foundations of Personified Embodiment: Self-compassion, self-curiosity, self-communication, and self-connection.

    -What this path of Personified Embodiment looks like in real-life practice.

    -Discover what’s possible for you through my personal and professional stories of transformation and healing.

  • Module 4: Self-Compassion

    The first foundation is self-compassion because the shame and judgement we put on ourselves keep us stuck. Releasing them and softening through compassion opens us to new possibilities for healing and true growth.

    -What shame is, where is comes from, and how it poisons our relationship with our body.

    -An invitation into a new way of understanding your behavior that can rebuild trust and safety with your body.

    -Grieving for Your Inner Child: a powerful visualization to heal and re-pattern your relationship to your inner child.

    -Houseguests vs. Roommates: An empowering shift in the way you relate to all of your emotions.

  • Module 5: Self-Curiosity

    Curiosity is the key to living this work of Personified Embodiment. In this module, your curiosity will guide you to rediscover just how much information your body communicates to you in every moment.

    -Re-learning the language of your body: what your sensations, emotions, pains, imbalances, signals, and cravings are really saying.

    -A Personified Embodiment-based approach to navigating the medical and mental health system from an empowered, trauma-informed place of body advocacy.

    -How to get unstuck and learn to relate to the emotions you won’t allow yourself to feel (hint: it’s about curiosity).

  • Module 6: Self-Communication

    The foundation of every relationship is communication –– and it is no different for your relationship with your body.

    -Creating your Therapeutic Third Place: how interactions with our bodies look VASTLY different when we regard them as people instead of objects.

    -Communication From Your Body: how to engage in active listening with your body to understand what they want you to know.

    -Communication From You: the 7 types of direct and indirect communication we can engage in with our bodies that nurture your relationship (bonus: this also applies to your relationships with other humans).

    -The single most intense and transformational meditation tool I use with my clients (you might want to keep some tissues nearby).

  • Module 7: Self-Connection

    This final module isn’t the "end”, but rather the beginning of a journey of discovery and relationship that will last a lifetime.

    - Why a “project” mentality towards your body can make things worse.

    -The joy of embodiment: the importance of pleasure, delight, rest, sex, food, frivolity and play with your body.

    -Trigger Response Exercise: How to successfully de-escalate when you experience inevitable triggers in your life-long journey of healing your body.

    -My final thoughts, notes, and wishes for you on your continued journey towards wholeness and embodiment.

  • 74 page beautifully illustrated physical workbook mailed to your door! This is not some cheap pdf. This is a thoughtfully designed support for your process with journaling pages, writing prompts and exercises to deepen your connection to your body.

  • 30 lessons paced out over 14 weeks. You get 15 hours of transformational content distilled from my 1:1 coaching sessions. This is the same amount of “content” my personal coaching clients get.

  • Practical tools, meditations, visualizations and exercises. Personified Embodiment isn’t just something abstract that stays in your inner world, it is incredibly practical for everyday life. In addition to the course content you also get 10 of the most useful practices and tools for navigating triggering situations, moving through emotions, and connecting to your body

  • An ebook copy of my book, You Are Your Own. In many ways, this course is “part 2” of the book. So I want to give you “part 1” as a gift :)

  • 1 Month free membership to my membership space, The Coven. This is a safe space for you to connect with others and work through your process. The feeling of “being alone” is one of the most tragic consequences of trauma.

Before we get into the pricing discussion, I want to give a bit of context for how I worked up until now.

My waitlist for 1:1 work has been 700+ people (and growing!) for the last 3 years. 

And when the timing did finally work out for someone, it was a 6 month commitment that cost around $4000 (depending on the client and their situation). 

With this course, you get EVERYTHING I do with my private coaching clients in a simplified step-by-step format. 

And you can get it for a fraction of my 1:1 coaching price. 

I made a few different pricing tiers available to support folks who may not have access to the financial resources they need to engage in this work. And, if you desire, you'll be able to opt-in to the group coaching path after choosing the right tier for you!

I poured my heart and soul into this course, so as you look at the pricing options, I invite you to drop into your body and choose the path that feels most supportive to you.

$837 Standard Tier

Payment Plans Available

As many of y'all who have followed along on this (longer than expected) journey of creating this course already know, there were a number resources required to release a course of this magnitude with integrity. Because this is my life's work, I owed it to myself and my community to do it right.

There were also a lot of people who helped me bring my dream to life. From copywriters to web designers, marketing agencies to illustrators and videographers, this pricing of $837 is based on the cumulative cost required to build the course, as well as the time and energy investment that went into creating it.

$687 Supported Tier

Payment Plans Available

It was important to me to make this pricing tier available to support folks who may not have full access to the financial resources they need to engage in this work.

This tier is for people who carry one or more marginalized identities that directly impact their economic status.

P.S. If you are a person of privilege and means, I'd like to invite you to participate in redistribution by choosing the Supportive Tier...

$987 Supportive Tier

Payment Plans Available

This tier directly supports my ability to share this work with marginalized individuals who have limited access to financial resources, as well as contributes to future scholarship opportunities.

By choosing this tier, you are directly partnering with me in my ability to make this course more accessible to everyone who needs and desires the guidance and healing this work facilitates.

When I started interacting with my body as a person, everything changed.

How I feel physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually –– all of it changed.

The choices I made changed. The relationships I chose to engage with changed. The way I ate and moved and slept and loved changed. 

All because I finally began to truly honor the living, dynamic, intelligent being that is my body. 

THAT is the entire premise behind this course.

Over 6000+ hours of 1:1 client work and years of personal work went into this. 

Conversations with more than 400 brave individuals confronting their own trauma informed the way this course is structured. 

This is the culmination of my entire life’s work and I stand behind every word because I can feel the living proof in my own body. 

So if you're ready to have a different conversation about trauma and healing…

I invite you to join the wait list today.

It’s one thing to think about this work intellectually and how it might apply to your life…

...but it’s a totally different experience to hear real humans share about how their lives changed. So I invited some of my previous clients to share about their process. 

Some of them are a little long, but they are 100% sincere so I didn’t edit their words. 

Watch Intro Video


How Anya Let Go of “Needing to be Saved” and Saved Herself

"Your Body Is A Person" has Fundamentally Shifted my Worldview, Relationships, and Self Worth

"In this course, Jamie Lee Finch breaks down complicated and daunting concepts of oppressive systems and their impact in our lives into digestible and clear content. With compassion and empathy, Jamie helps her clients understand the weight of trauma and bodies carry, both systemic trauma and acute trauma. Jamie then introduces the concept and practice of personified embodiment in slow and digestible segments.

This course is expertly written and produced. The content flows at a manageable pace and Jamie continually references and refreshes the listener of concepts, definitions, and themes that were mentioned previously. This helps make the content easier to absorb as you go along, as you're continually reminded of these new aspects of embodiment.

Jamie also breaks ideas down into pieces that can help all types of learners track the progression of thoughts and theories. As someone who struggles with audio learning, I found this course engaging enough to keep my attention and actively learn for the 40-60 minute stretches that some lessons are. The use of tone, body language, breathing, and continual summary points that Jamie utilizes in her recordings all help make this course easy to consume and implement.

The concept of personified embodiment is life changing. Learning and beginning to TRULY understand that my body is a person and that they have nothing but love and information for me has shifted my life drastically. Having practical tools to use to listen to my body has helped me identify childhood traumas I didn't know of before and to do further healing and relationship work in therapy. It has helped me be a more present and loving mother and friend. It has also helped me develop and change my worldview as I deconstruct from western evangelical supremacist indoctrination.

Listening to my body, feeling my feelings, and learning to have self compassion and curiosity is only just the beginning of my relationship with my body, and I am so thankful that Jamie helped give me the language for this dynamic."


Philadelphia, PA

Watch Intro Video


Releasing inner conflict to discover peace and wholeness.

Moving Through Suffocating Anxiety and Depression to Re-integration and Wholeness

"My life was unraveling the season before I worked with Jamie. I spent my formative years in a religious community where I related to God as a heavy, obligating force. I felt compelled to surrender my body, desires, and even my sense of self to this Obligation or else face intense shame.

After a period of exploring hard questions about faith, the narratives and belief structures I was raised with felt like they started crumbling overhead. Anxiety and depression billowed up out of that ruin and threatened to suffocate me daily. I had little clue where to go from there or what new foundation I should build my life upon. I just wanted to live and enjoy life, but I was so severed from my own body that the ability to desire itself felt out of reach. 

I was so unmoored from my own body and swept away by anxiety and despair to the point where I felt like I was losing control. That frightened me to the core. It seemed like Jamie could understand my background and struggles, so I started working with her. 

At one point, I noticed a part of me was very resistant to Jamie’s work.  It felt like a pulling and gnawing at my mind, disorienting me and trying to convince me that none of this help was real. Instead of resisting back, I empathized with this part of my body and realized that he was just trying to keep me safe from this new and unfamiliar teaching in his own way. We were on the same team all along, he just didn’t want me to get hurt again! In my journal I wrote: 

“After I recognized that, I felt something amazing. I became whole again. Everything was clearer. I felt alive. And what’s more, I felt a little sprout of a self in me. I didn’t feel empty inside anymore.”

Now that Jamie helped introduce me to my body and coached us through reconciling practices, life feels so much better! I feel at home in my body now and can look to him for security when difficult situations and emotions come my way. I feel like I’ve made a comeback and now have an emotionally sustainable way of life. 

To anyone considering working with Jamie, Do it! Since our work together I’ve discovered so many applications for embodiment. Not only did it form a secure and tested ground for moving through life, but also it sharpened my awareness and sensibility during all kinds of activities—from athletics and mountaineering to being a better friend and partner. I truly think anyone can benefit in some way through this work!”


Denver, Colorado

Watch Intro Video


"I was in a battle with my body"

Escaping Fears of Eternal Self-Damnation to find Personal Freedom

"I grew up Evangelical Christian, specifically Charismatic Pentecostal. I was deeply indoctrinated and extremely invested in the church and that lifestyle. Even though I left the church, some of its ideas still lived inside me. Things like purity culture, rejection of “the flesh” and not trusting my own body, and being terrified of making the wrong decision lest I completely ruin “God’s perfect plan for my life.” 

I tended to live in my head and was disconnected from my body, my emotions, or my surroundings. It often took me several days to weeks to figure out how I felt about something! I was timid and afraid to take up space. 

But after working with Jamie everything is so different.  

Now I know my body loves me. She and I are friends. That is such a simple statement, but I cannot describe the impact this has made. For the first time in my life, I feel connected to my body. I am genuinely excited to live my life with her and get to know her during the time we have together.

From my heart, I want you to know this work is totally worth the time, money, and effort. You are fully informed and asked for consent during the entire process, so you won’t be getting into anything unprepared, and you can opt out if this doesn’t feel like a good fit for you. Jamie is trauma informed and very good at coaching you through what can sometimes be a difficult process. This work has been life changing for me, and I encourage you to consider it."

Sarah A

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the course self-guided or facilitated?

    Both! Choose your own adventure! You’re welcome to go through the course on your own by choosing the self-guided path if that makes you more comfortable OR you can go through the material in community with a group of beautiful people working through similar struggles. Bonus: if you choose the group coaching path, you’ll get to hang out with me every other week. ;) You'll be able to opt-in to the group coaching path after choosing the pricing tier that's right for you.

  • Is this course taught live?

    Nope! Everything has been pre-recorded so no need to stress about scheduling around a specific class schedule. If you choose the group coaching path, however, there will be biweekly live calls that you can plan to participate in. But no sweat if you can’t make it -- you’ll get the recording to watch at your convenience

  • Will I get access to everything all at once?

    Nope! I have intentionally designed this course to take time so that you can integrate all of the information thoroughly. What that means is that a new module will be unlocked every two weeks, allowing you to engage with the course at a pace that feels best to you.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    Forever! And you get to keep the workbook too! ;)

  • Is this course only for women?

    Nope! Just like my 1:1 client work, this course is for all genders, all ages, all orientations, all abilities -- anyBODY who has a body and wants to get to know them better and love them more

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    Sure do! You can get a full refund if no modules have been unlocked yet and we haven’t mailed your workbook yet. You can read more specific details here